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Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is a great alternative to traditional small business financing. An alternative to a small business loan, you can qualify for a merchant cash advance against your future credit card transactions of up to $1 Million per business location. No home based and no start ups. Must be at least 12 months in business. By purchasing a portion of your businesses future credit card sales at a discount, an MCA loan provides cash now for your future sales. The repayment is simple, we take a small portion of your future credit card sales as repayment.

Simple Qualifications:

Merchant Cash Advances from $5,000 to $1,000,000

    Been in business for at least 6 months

    Not in active Bankruptcy

    Minimum $8,000 a month in deposits

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Merchant Cash Advances

An alternative to a small business loan, you can qualify for a merchant cash advance against your future credit card transactions of up to $1 Million per business location.

We are business leaders also and we understand your need for cash is the reality of doing business. Unlike banks, we do not need to know the reason why you need cash. We do not need to look at P and L reports to give you money.  With our merchant cash advance programs that we partner with we can have the money sent to you within 48 hours in most cases. Our main concern is getting you the money you need to keep your business running smooth.


Here at SearchLites you will receive a solution that fits your unique business.  You may need a merchant cash advance consolidation to combine several loan together.  We have programs for this.  Or you may be looking for ways to get merchant cash advance no credit check we have this program too. 


We follow the merchant cash advance regulation and merchant cash advance industry guidelines in all of the programs we participate in.  We have next day funding merchant account for several small business that need money right now. 


Cash Flow Friendly: Because you pay a percentage of your credit sales, your repayment fluctuates with your own cash flow; If sales are lower you are repaying less!


 Fast: Approvals are typically issued same day and accounts are typically funded in as fast as 24 hours.  High Approval: Unlike traditional financing personal credit score plays a small part in our underwriting model. 


This is one of the most convenient and quick way to get your business the working capital it needs. By purchasing a future portion of your cc sales, by providing your business upfront lump sum cash payment.  The complete process is designed with the business owner in mind.  We focus on speed and simplicity.  We have 3 small qualifications to get approved for these loan advances.


Paying back the money is hassle free also.  If at any time you feel you need more money you can always get another cash advance to help your business.   Business cash advances, are an extraordinarily useful alternative to the conventional small-business loans with no hassle. While it seems somewhat arcane and complex, the merchant business cash advance is very simple and quite easy to accomplish for those that need funding right now. Merchant funding businesses are dedicated to making the process itself somewhat simple and it is easy to apply online in many cases.  If your business accepts credit card payments from consumers and enjoys a specific amount of revenue every month on a regular basis, it is very likely that your business will qualify for this type of cash advance. The loan is based on future projected credit card sales, meaning that your revenue is the collateral against the small-business loan.


The requirements that are set forth to get a business cash advance are extraordinarily simple and very easy to qualify for. Your business should be accepting credit card payments for at least 6 months in some cases but we prefer to see a full 12 months of credit card processing.  So a business that is at least a year old.  Not have any active bankruptcies looming around.  You also need to have at least $5,000 in monthly processing for the past three months.  That is it in a nutshell what it will require for us to get you approved in 24 hours!  We never require collateral is never on a merchant cash advance. When you apply for a business cash advance loan, you will never have to provide any form of hard collateral in order to get your loan with us. We do look at your financial statements, but most merchant funding providers will only require three months to ensure that you are making a certain amount of sales on credit cards.